Big Salad Update: November 2011

So the first month of the label is over and it’s been a busy time. The biggest announcement was made yesterday via This Is Fake DIY, and was that we will be releasing Foxes! self-titled debut album on 16th January 2012.

To celebrate this announcement, Kayla has helped make a new animation video for Oh Rosie, which we think is absolutely brilliant.

If you like the video, please share with friends on the usual social networking sites (and even by old fashioned word of mouth!), we’d really appreciate that.

The album will have the following tracklisting:

01. Aisle No. 3
02. The Panda Bear Song
03. 6 O’Clock
04. Welcome To The Jivin’
05. Oh Rosie
06. It’s Ridiculous, Adam
07. Alex Badamchi
08. Who Killed Rob?
09. A Letter To A Mine
10. Descartes
11. Art Girl
12. Apples To Apples

I can also reveal the album cover, also designed by Kayla’s fair hand and this appears at the top of the post.

For London based folk, Foxes! are also playing a show in on 16th December at Brixton’s Windmill. Check out their listings page for more information.

We are also approaching the release date for Milk & Biscuits mini-LP Balcony Times. We’ve had a great response to the lead track ‘Rivers’, which has featured on Song By Toad podcast and the first reviews have all been really positive. Thomas White recently made a suitably dreamy video for ‘Rivers’ as well which requires your attention:

In case you forgot, the album will be available from 5th December, through the Big Salad Records online shop and in selected independent shops and digitally through the usual channels.

Finally, a piece of combined Foxes! and Milk & Biscuits update. We are especially excited about our upcoming Christmas show, which will take place right on the eve of Christmas eve, (that’s the 23rd December of course), at The Green Door Store. I’m a big fan of the poster, yep again, made by Kayla. The Facebook event is here for further information

That wraps (Christmas) up our November update! Hope you are all well, don’t forget to join our Facebook and Twitter pages if you haven’t already.  Bye for now from the salad folk.